Canadian Light Bulb Ban

To us Europeans, Canada has always seemed like the older and wiser sister to the United States. More reflecting and less quick to jump on the band wagon of every new idea adopted by the U.S. to please the largest corporations. That Canada delayed its earlier plans for an incandescent light bulb ban has enforced this impression.

But now Canada seems to be buckling under the pressure of vested interests. We can only hope law makers research the subject more thoroughly than other governments and federations have done before falling for all the blatant and easily refutable lies and exaggerations that made possible a near global ban of the only safe and environmentally friendly lamp ever made.

As always, Freedom Lightbulb has all the details on the ban: Canada to adopt more US Laws beginning with Light Bulbs: Losing Industry, Jobs and Choice, with Hardly any Savings

Light bulbs: Facts & Figures from Ottowa Citizen (The last two points are not correct. CFLs rarely last longer than a standard incandescent lamp, the latter can be made to last 20 000 hours and claimed emission figures are not based in reality).

Here are two well researched documents explaining why an incandescent ban is an extremely bad idea in general, and in Canada in particular.

1. Summary of relevant points by Freedom Lightbulb. Full document: Comment Contribution to the Canadian Light Bulb Regulation Proposal (pdf)

2. Shorter summary of similar points, with photos and diagrams:
Incandescent vs Luminescent Light (pdf)