LED Luminaire Review

After seeing it on the Northern Light Fair I wanted to test one of Lampkonsulenten‘s floor reflector luminaires with warm-white high-quality LED in a home setting, as a reading/bed light.

Info: Price around €150. Expected lamp life around 50 000 hrs.

Impression: Compared with an equivalent halogen floor spot of similar model, it actually lit up the pages of a book better and enhanced the contrast. LED light is very directional and this was no exception so it really focused all light on the book. However, when trying it for mood lighting it did not sparkle and spread the light around the room like the halogen lamp; the light sort of faded mid-air. When used as sole illumination, it made the room look a bit cool, dead and gloomy.

From these observations I draw the following conclusions:

1. A bit of incandescent/halogen light is clearly needed in order to create a warm and alive feel to the room. LEDs should thus be used as complementary light for specific tasks, or for decoration, not as primary light source.

2. LED is by nature a directional light source and should be used as such. Trying to get it to spread light in all directions like a standard bulb will just scatter the light so that the bulb illuminates little more than itself.

3. LED light is best utilised at fairly close range when using it for illumination.

4. Warm-white LEDs may need to have an even lower correlated colour temperature than incandescent lamps in order to appear as warm.


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